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 Rohit Khandelwal from India became Mr World 2016 ! Read More about Rohit

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A few hours earlier the winner of ‘Mr World 2016’ was declared  and the winner is none other than Rohit Khandelwal , representing India.
For the first time someone from India has won this coveted title of Men. 47 participants were from different countries took part in the Mr. World 2016 competition . Rohit Khandelwal has beaten everyone and clinched the title.

Rohit was given US $ 50,000 along with the award of Mr World 2016
Rohit after winning that title , can not believe that he has won the title. They say that I still can not believe that I won ‘Mr World 2016 won. Being an Indian , by an  international level win  Rohit is feeling extremely happy and proud.

Mr World 2016 winner Rohit Khandelwal, who hails from Hyderabad and belonged to the working class. He went against his family came forward to complete his dream and not handled family business.

Educated as a computer engineer, Rohit Khandelwal want a career in the world of acting. However, Rohit was not short of challenges so far. So, he changed his lifestyle and focused  on his fitness.

It was very hard for him to leave junk food. Well, competitions from men from all overthe world to the Mr. World title was not easy for Rohit. According to Indiatimes, they also won the Mr. World Multimedia Award.

Apart from ‘Mr World 2016’  Mr Rohit Khandelwal has became the participant of several other competitions, like Mr. World Talent, Mr. World Multimedia Award, the Mr. World Sports Event, Mobstar Peepul Choice.

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